Psychologically breaking the prisoners

On the day of our concert, we got news from another prisoner from Bayburt Prison, where also Nudem ist imprisoned.
After a telephone conversation with his imprisoned sister Zeynep Erdem, Musa Erdem reported that sick prisoners were not allowed to go to the doctor. There are cell raids in the middle of the night. The director has been transferred from the prison Kandira to Bayburt and wants to enforce military drill with the prisoners. The prisoners are insulted and permanently disciplinary sanctions are imposed. The open visit time is shortened and the guards stand directly at the visiting tables and disturb. The supply of food and other basic necessities is totally inadequate. Thus, the prisoners are forced to cover their needs at extremely high prices in the canteen.

Everything is evidently aimed at psychologically breaking the prisoners.
We call: Write letters to the prisoners! Show them they are not forgotten! Spread information about their situation!
Here is the address of Nudem:

Nudem Durak
M Tipi Kapalı Cezaevi

Bayburt Prison in desert-like surroundings far out of town