600 km away

Nudem Durak is no longer in Mardin. She was transferred to the Bayburt prison. This is 600 km away from her family! Her mother can no longer visit her as she is not up to the hardships of the trip.

Nadya Tolokonnikova shows solidarity to Nudem Durak

Great Action by Nadya Tolokonnikova (Pussy Riot). In the context of “The Voice Project” Nadya shows solidarity to Nudem Durak. To the 30 November 2016 you can support the campaign by buying a shirt right here (see picture).

Another song for Nudem

MUNDTOT by Minipax “This is also a way of flipping off Mr. Erdogan!” (Minipax) Songtext / Lyrics

19 years in prison!

The latest news are shocking. The sentence against Nudem Durak has been changed drastically. Instead of 10,5 years in prison now it is 19,5 years. New allegations didn´t emerge. Without any proof she got blamed “to be a member of a terrorist group”. Her real “crime” is singing kurdish songs. …

The first song for Nudem

SONG FOR NUDEM DURAK by David Steffen and Stefan Steffen I wrote the song to call attention to the injustice that happened to Nudem Durak in Turkey. We all know about the despot who governs that country. Not only journalists and writers suffer under that government. Musicians and actors are …