Çiyaye me von Hanic

Wir freuen uns sehr, einen neuen Song für Nudem mit euch zu teilen! Hanic aus dem Iran singt „Çiyaye me“.

Und dies hat sie uns geschrieben:

„I wish that Nudem hear my song. Right now I’m living in the dark pieces of my life and I understand her when she said I saw a guitar in my dreams. Or when she said I followed my dreams. When I knew about this girls story I went to my office’s WC and I cried and I couldn’t control my tears. And now even I’m not in the prison but I’m living in my own darkness and I just want to sing a song that Nudem feels me. I wish that Nudem feels me because I feel Nudem in my life.“ – Hanic

Vielen Dank, liebe Hanic!