Nudem Durak with her family


Appeal by the Initiative “Song for Nudem Durak” (24 July 2016)
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Free Nudem Durak!

The singer Nudem Durak has been in prison since April 2015.
She is in Mardin, Turkey, sentenced to 19 years in prison.

In a mass trial with 15 other defendants, she was accused of having participated in violent demonstrations and having campaigned for the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

No concrete proof was presented for any of the charges against Nudem.
In particular, there is no proof that she has committed a single act of violence.
The only evidence was quotes from statements made by “secret witnesses” and logs of tapped phone conversations.

Nudem’s real “crime” is her popularity as a singer.
She sings songs in her own language, in Kurdish.
She sings about nature, freedom, and autonomy.

Her songs have a long tradition.
Until 1991 the Kurdish language in Turkey was completely banned.
At state schools, Kurdish education is still not allowed.
Nevertheless, the Kurds have preserved their identity in their songs and their dances.

Everyone must have the right to learn, to speak and to sing in their mother tongue.

Nudem must get out of prison. Let us do everything to ensure that she will be released!
Let us fight with our weapons.
Our weapons are music, dances and poems.

Let’s write a hundred songs for Nudem.
Let’s play a thousand pieces of music for freedom.
For the freedom of art.
For freedom of speech.
For the freedom of people.

Music can tear down any wall.
Let us break down the walls of prisons—with music!
We call on all musicians:

Write a song for Nudem Durak!
Play a piece for her freedom!


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